Ahsoka Tano Clone Wars Fan art

Jordan younie renderuplox

Rendered in Arnold

Ahsoka Tano Clone Wars

Jordan younie screenshot001

Front pose - All poses were rendered in Marmoset toolbag

Jordan younie screenshot002

Pose Side

Jordan younie screenshot003

Pose Back

Jordan younie screenshot004

Idle Pose Front

Jordan younie screenshot005

Idle Pose Side

Jordan younie screenshot006

Idle Pose Back

Jordan younie highpoly

High Poly Sculpt 100% done in zBrush

Jordan younie topology

Retopologized using 3Ds Max's free form tools.

Ahsoka Topology Preview

Jordan younie uvandtextures

I unwrapped all the models in max and sent them back to zBrush for texturing. The eyes and saber glows were done in photoshop.

All the normals were baked using xNormal, I exported everything individually with their own cages to get more accurate bakes.

Recreation of my first ever character that I modelled. Fully sculpted, retopologized, textured and somewhat rigged for the final pose.